Mazinger Z volume 5

•September 29, 2010 • Leave a Comment

And with this volume, the Mazinger Z manga comes to a close. But fear not, for Great Mazinger shall be worked on next. Thanks to the guys at Dynamic Pro for handling editing, typesetting and tracking down the raws for this.

Torrent for the whole thing here

Raideen 24 , aka I’m not dead yet

•July 1, 2010 • 8 Comments

After many delays caused by uni delays and technical issues, I finally get a new episode out.

Only got the torrent up at the moment, will have DDL up later.
Thanks to VF-kun for the DDL


Mazinger volume 4

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This got delayed due to issues on the editors part. Enjoy more giant robot badassery. Majuu Sensen is still being worked on, don’t worry. The funny accents Boss does were in the original and were a royal pain to deal with. Yay for subbing in English accents to try and retain the effect.

Raideen 23

•January 27, 2010 • 3 Comments

Originally planned to have this released by Christmas. As you can see I failed on that. So I set today as my final deadline, which is the 1st anniverary of the founding of /m/subs. Somehow we actually kept it together. Took us 3 months to get a release out, but we’ve kept trying.

Anyways, here’s ep 23 of Raideen, where Daldan’s brilliant plan involving reconaissance, 2 monsters, and a lot of explosives, still fails in the traditional fashion. Hopefully the next ep will be out before mid-February. Need to get to doing Majuu Sensen like I promised the Dynamic Pro guy. I don’t know when the next Maz\inger release is, I sent off the completed script before Christmas.

Next release will be sooner due to me being at risk of winning the title of laziest translator on the IRC channel off Iriliane from Blue Fixer.


Torrents will be up later


Raideen 22 released

•December 7, 2009 • 3 Comments

I apologise for the delays, real life issues came up, colds, uni work etc. Anyways, here’s episode 22, an episode that seems to be all about messing with the stock footage sequences in quite jarring ways in some cases.

Episode 22:

Also, v2 of episode 21 as I discovered watching episode 23, that a single misheard vowel meant I misinterpreted 3 episodes worth of enemy plans. That was kinda embarrassing as a translator, sometimes we have to guess, and sometimes we miss badly.

Torrents will up later, once I get back from the Physics department Christmas do.

Edit: Torrents now up
Episode 22:
Episode 21 v2:

Raideen 21

•October 6, 2009 • 1 Comment

In any series where the initial bumbling villain is replaced with a more evil and competant commander by the chief villain, there is always an episode where the new villain gets to show off just how evil he is. This is pretty much that episode. And it was no surprise that the degree of evilness was displayed by use of an easily escapable situation with one inept guard (well, more like a death trap and with inept supervision in general). I wonder how long it will be before the villains just aim straight to kill instead of faffing about with death traps that are easily escaped from around the 17 minute mark, followed by it being blown up.

Edit: v2 released due to badish translation fuckup spotted in the episode. Please do not use old links, Xvid is still based off the v1.

Edit: Xvid encode kindly provided by HiroTsukasa

Mazinger Volume 3 Fire

•October 4, 2009 • 1 Comment

After many months, it’s here. Just realised that at this rate, all 5 volumes will have taken more than a year. (I remember doing some of the early pages on the train back home for Christmas)

Read the wonderous antics of Count Brocken, and the heartrending story of Lorelei.

Thanks to these guys for the editing and putting up with me and Luna’s strange comments in the margins

Random but related translation notes: Donau is the German name for the River Danube. Lorelei is the name of a rock in the Rhine and the name of the Rhine maiden that lured ships to their doom upon the rock.