Raideen 28

[mSubs] Yuusha Raideen 28.mkv_snapshot_22.58_[2016.07.01_21.21.15]

Slightly shorter delay between episodes this time.

This episode managed to be both expositiony and quite weird. Also robot gore.



TL notes

As mentioned in the notes for last episode, the new villains have their names translated as they’re full kanji compounds, as opposed to the katakana phonetic spellings of all the other villains. Same compound is used to describe the new Motws as well.

The bit of exposition talking about Mu, is referring to the lost continent of the same name, but other bits of dialogue imply there’s an Atlantis vibe as well, as Mu was a 19th Century idea, whereas Atlantis was a 4th Century BC idea. Lemuria is a related idea and yes, that’ll be relevant later.

~ by starseeker on July 1, 2016.

2 Responses to “Raideen 28”

  1. Hi! I just found that there are Raideen’s Korean subtitles, so I thought it might help you do rough timing of episodes.
    Either you can search for “site: 용자 라이딘” in Google, or navigate through using “이전글” link. The orange “다운로드” button on top will let you download the subtitle in SMI format.
    Hope this helps!

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