Great Mazinger 1

First volume of the Great Mazinger manga is out, big thanks to the guys at Dynamic Pro scans for the typesetting, editing and raw cleaning and to Lunasaint for being my translation checker. This volume is more a combination of the events of Great General of Darkness and Great Mazinger proper, Great itself doesn’t turn up til half way in.

I really ought to just grit my teeth and finish the next ep of Raideen, even though I hate the episode with a passion.

~ by starseeker on July 30, 2011.

10 Responses to “Great Mazinger 1”

  1. Thank you for this Mazinger translation, and definitely encourage you to move through the next Raideen (if you like where it goes better after that). Would definitely appreciate it (as much as I appreciate what you and Shin Getter have already translated)!

  2. Woo hoo!

  3. woot
    thanks to you and DPS for the manga
    and yes, please keep the old reideen flowing, love this stuff, even if some eps are meh

  4. So how goes volume 2? Just curious, totally not nagging; you’ve already done a great service to Mazinger fans everywhere. =)

    • Being NEET has not helped my motivation, just need to sit down and hack away at it.

      • I hear that. I have an E and the T, but the whole Employment aspect is slipping through my fingers. Turns out, nobody needs a rhetorician these days unless they have a Ph.D. Who knew?

        Anyway, good luck out there and thanks for all your work!

  5. I have one last plot-related question about volume 2, then I swear I’ll stop being that guy who keeps bugging you about Great Mazinger.

    Since it’s the last volume, do we get an actual conclusion to the storyline, or is it another not-end like the Mazinger manga? I could just wait and find out, but I’m a big three year old about this stuff.

    Thanks for all of your patience. I really don’t spend all my time bugging people on the interwebs for information on old manga. Just most of it.

  6. Starseeker, I’m a filthy, rotten liar. Here I am asking about Great Mazinger again.

    I’m not going to become like that “MOAR LAYZNER” douchebag on /m/subs (though it looks like he’s buggered off and hasn’t been around lately), but do you have any kinda status update on the manga? I know you’ve had a full plate with other projects, so I’m just curious, not tapping my foot.

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