A special Magical one-off Ginguiser

I know, I know, it’s been a while. To explain: this started as me attempting to prank the uni anime society for our termly anything-goes marathon. That was in November, this became much more difficult and brain breaking that expected. Hell, LN my timer gave up 2/3 of the way through, declaring it to be Cthulu the anime, so I had to rope in another mate, Sealy, to finish it. In the end I missed the deadline so I sat on the rough draft for a few months becase I really, really didn’t want to finish it. In the meantime [ARR] released a version of it. Let’s just say LN was not the least bit amused at the prospect that his work and sanity would go to waste. Cue 3 days of me being yelled at over IRC and being reliant on a lot of Robot Unicorn, sugar and 01011001 to get me through the translation check without wanting to curl up in a ball and cry. I apologise if there are any dodgy lines or translation errors, I did the best I could but this show kills brain cells and LN was utterly sloshed when he did the QC so he’d survive it. If you haven’t figured this out already THERE WILL BE NO EPISODE 2. Episode 2 was painful enough just to watch, I can’t even begin to contemplate the idea of translating it.

Ginguiser is a show about a stage show magician based giant robot. It has dodgy production values and does very nasty things to the 4th wall. Whether it’s bad in a good way, or bad in an awful way is a matter of opinion.

For those of you who wish to try it, here are the links:

Anyway, now this weight is off my soul, I can get back to working on Raideen properly (the first volume of the Great Mazinger manga is half done).

~ by starseeker on February 21, 2011.

10 Responses to “A special Magical one-off Ginguiser”

  1. still no great mazinger ffffffffffffffffffffffff

  2. Haha! Your words makes me even more interested on this title.


  3. Your description makes it sound like this show actually kills you, “Ring”-style, if you watch it.

    • That would probably be less painful. It’s just so horribly bad once you pay the slightest bit of attention to it.

      • “Ring”-style? Does that mean we have 7 days to live from the time it was last downloaded?

  4. have to see how bad this is 😛
    sounds hokey
    good or bad hokey,,,,let’s see

  5. Hi,
    How do you watch Ginguizer with the subtitles? The files don’t appear to have them. Do you do free dubs if I provide the blank DVD & s&h? Or do you do free trades? The Raideen #15 you have, is that the 1970’s series? I can share copies of the Hawaiian version of other episodes if you want old scripts for future episodes, PLMK.

    • The Ginguiser subs should show up if you use Media Player Classic or some other player that supports matroshka files(mkvs).
      The Raideen episodes are the 1970s series, I don’t have the Hawaiian versions at all, if you have the scripts that would be helpful.

  6. Forgive me for necro-bumping… but maybe it’s just me, but I actually *like* this anime series. It’s a shame you won’t be doing more, though. 😦

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