Raideen 24 , aka I’m not dead yet

After many delays caused by uni delays and technical issues, I finally get a new episode out.

Only got the torrent up at the moment, will have DDL up later.
Thanks to VF-kun for the DDL


~ by starseeker on July 1, 2010.

8 Responses to “Raideen 24 , aka I’m not dead yet”

  1. You are great! Thank you very much for this new episode!

  2. please sub layzner plz

    Nah, just joking 😉 Thanks for the new episode.

    It’s been a while!

  3. So glad to see the progress. Wish to see all episodes gradually coming out. Appreciate for your great works.

  4. warning every body !! i am actually download the torrent “[Shin-Getter]Yuusha_Raideen_-_01-12” and i have not many seed.
    Please seed

  5. I know that people already bother you almost on a daily basis with Layzner but I’d like to know if you’re still working on Raideen.
    Well, thanks a lot for all your hard work and sorry if you’ve already mentioned something about the status of Raideen somewhere else recently.

  6. Hi, I’ve tried to download this, but it stalls at 29.2%. Is the rest unavailable at this time?

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