Raideen 22 released

I apologise for the delays, real life issues came up, colds, uni work etc. Anyways, here’s episode 22, an episode that seems to be all about messing with the stock footage sequences in quite jarring ways in some cases.

Episode 22:

Also, v2 of episode 21 as I discovered watching episode 23, that a single misheard vowel meant I misinterpreted 3 episodes worth of enemy plans. That was kinda embarrassing as a translator, sometimes we have to guess, and sometimes we miss badly.

Torrents will up later, once I get back from the Physics department Christmas do.

Edit: Torrents now up
Episode 22:
Episode 21 v2:

~ by starseeker on December 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Raideen 22 released”

  1. Nice! Thanks as always.

  2. I read on wikipedia that Raideen was aired on american television back in the 70’s 80’s, does that mean the show was dubbed in english?

    Oh and thanks for episode 22.

    • I believe it was aired in a subbed format on a few channels in Hawaii. As far as I can tell it’s been mostly forgotten.

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