Raideen 21

In any series where the initial bumbling villain is replaced with a more evil and competant commander by the chief villain, there is always an episode where the new villain gets to show off just how evil he is. This is pretty much that episode. And it was no surprise that the degree of evilness was displayed by use of an easily escapable situation with one inept guard (well, more like a death trap and with inept supervision in general). I wonder how long it will be before the villains just aim straight to kill instead of faffing about with death traps that are easily escaped from around the 17 minute mark, followed by it being blown up.

Edit: v2 released due to badish translation fuckup spotted in the episode. Please do not use old links, Xvid is still based off the v1.

Edit: Xvid encode kindly provided by HiroTsukasa

~ by starseeker on October 6, 2009.

One Response to “Raideen 21”

  1. Here’s an xvid encode of episode 21 since nobody else has thrown one up yet:

    On a personal note, I love the new villain. It was a nice turn for the series. Thanks for subbing.

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