Mazinger Volume 3 Fire

After many months, it’s here. Just realised that at this rate, all 5 volumes will have taken more than a year. (I remember doing some of the early pages on the train back home for Christmas)

Read the wonderous antics of Count Brocken, and the heartrending story of Lorelei.

Thanks to these guys for the editing and putting up with me and Luna’s strange comments in the margins

Random but related translation notes: Donau is the German name for the River Danube. Lorelei is the name of a rock in the Rhine and the name of the Rhine maiden that lured ships to their doom upon the rock.

~ by starseeker on October 4, 2009.

One Response to “Mazinger Volume 3 Fire”

  1. Many thanks for continuing this great project 🙂

    And while Id love to see it quicker. You aint really releasing it slowly. Especially not compared to alot of other groups (like my own *:_(*)

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