Raideen 20

Somedays you just can’t get rid of a bomb.
Episode 20, finally done after I spent several days procrastination over the translation check, which was nowhere near as bad as I feared.
New villain Daldan shows his true colours this week. As opposed to Agyaru, who to me is the bumbling Sargent Major who wishes he was still an NCO, Daldan is the lank, evil officer with a moustache (he’s a vampire as well).
And Sharkin is the pretty boy guy in charge who talks big and only got his position through nepotism.

Due to whining about sendspace, release is on Megaupload this time
Episode 20 torrent will be made when nyaa behaves again.

Finally got round to making a torrent for ep 19 as well

Edit: Xvid encode for this episode kindly provided by HiroTsukasa in the comments

~ by starseeker on September 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “Raideen 20”

  1. So, uh, what’s the full CRC on 20 supposed to be? The filename appears to be missing a byte.

    • Oh, I see, the first byte is 00 so it’s truncated. Not used to seeing it released that way as it’s technically wrong, but not really a big deal.

  2. Hoping for a sasword xvid transcode soon

  3. Hey, big fan of old school mecha here. I really appreciate the subs for Raideen being continued past what Shin-Getter did. I like to keep all my fansubs in the same format when possible plus my PC is older and does bad with mkv’s using h264. I’d been getting the xvid transcodes here but since this episode seems to have fallen through the cracks I made my own encode.

    I just thought I’d throw it up on MU and share for anyone else wanting an xvid version:

    • Thanks, I didn’t run up Xvid encodes myself due to a mix of laziness and the real life issues that have delayed the releases.

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