Raideen 19 + Batch torrent

Back when the summer holidays began I thought “I’ll have so much free time I’ll be able to do a release easily”. Then I remembered just how lazy summer makes me.

Anyways, here is episode 19 of Raideen. I also went back over the older episodes, did some fiddling with fonts and minor mistake fixing (I only realised after I’d started uploading that I hadn’t fixed naming inconsistencies between the name for the monster of the week in the next episode preview and the episode proper, and I can’t be arsed to go back and fix it).
Big thanks to LN for timing episode 19 as well as doing his normal pedantic QC (I hate timing)

And now finally, there are torrents. Episode 19 will have its torrent up in a day or so when the batch gains some more seeds, so please seed people.

I uploaded the new versions of 13 and 14, for those who either can’t torrent, or can help seed. Will have the rest put up tomorrow-ish.

Raideen 19

Thanks to sasword for the Xvid transcode

Raideen 13
Raideen 14

Raideen 13-18 batch torrent

~ by starseeker on August 19, 2009.

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  1. sendspace link is dead

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