Delays, headaches and a new episode

I apologise for the delays, I had university exams this week so I had little free time, and my nerves were shot to hell whenever I did have any.
Timing took longer than expected, due to me discovering that drinking brightly coloured fizzy drinks of unknown providence from Aldi whilst mildly dehydrated causes throbbing headaches.

So here’s ep 16. (.mkv)

Xvid will come tomorrow morning. (I hope)
Xvid encode kindly provided by sasword (.avi) (.ass)

Rough summary of this episode: Mari ends up showing her underwear far more than she likes; and the structural integrity of a cruise ship gets abused.

Small announcement: I’m also working on translating Braiger episode 2 and Layner ep 17. Progress will be posted when there is any. Mazinger is temporarily stalled.

I also put a release schedule page up for more detailed progress reports.

~ by starseeker on May 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Delays, headaches and a new episode”

  1. I love you.
    You have my tomahawk.

  2. *brandishes shiny new tomahawk*

  3. I very much appreciate this effort. Have not yet made it to any of your releases as there are 13 Shin_Getter ones to catch up to first, but keep it up!

    And god, I know exactly what drinks you’re talking about. They come in the bright red and green variants right? Felt like they were killing me from the inside.

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